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1) Prestige & Quality.
2) Near Vertical Walls.
3) Do It Yourself.
4) No Concrete Footings.
5) Flexible – 90° Corners, Steps, Straight or Curved Walls.
6) Commercial or Civil Walls to 6 Meters High.
Zambezi Brown
Full-Block Half-Block Full & Half-Corner Block Capping


The SENTINEL® is suitable for fun DIY as well as commercial projects of almost 6 meter vertical retainer walling. A retainer wall need not be bland or require high maintenance. DSM retainers can add a stunning affect to your home and there is no upkeep needed.

The system is easily dry-stacked and locks easily into the block above to form an attractive retaining wall.
For high walls, geogrids are locked in every 2nd course of blocks to create a reinforced soil retaining wall structure.

Corners Curves Steps


DIY Retainer Installation Guide

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Retainer Engineered Walls Guide

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DSM Product Range

Our technology and manufacturing process is unique to Africa, and with our raw materials and state of the art Colour blending equipment, we have achieved an authentic looking sand stone product unsurpassed by any of our competitors.

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