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DSM was established in 2005.


Decorative Stone Masonry is managed by Andrew, having a total of 18 years in the masonry industry.



Description Management

Decorative Stone Masonry CC trading as DSM is engaged in the manufacture and distribution of quality masonry building and landscaping products, and sandstone bricks.


Our Operation & Technology


DSM operates from a strategic location between Johannesburg and Pretoria, saving our clients on transportation costs.


Our Technology

State of the art colouring and blending plant.



Latest technology

New technology curing rooms, enabling products to be of a consistent quality, strength and colour

The Latest Pr-Sealing Nanotechnology Technology in all our Products

We have incorporated a per-sealing Nanotechnology in all our product. Manufactured with innovative silicone water repellent admixtures. These admixtures significantly reduce water absorption and hence reduce efflorescence and mould or mildew staining. The scientific breakthrough of per-sealing technology means that the silicone water repellent admixture incorporated during manufacture of the product becomes an integral part of the concrete for the life of the product.


Our Bolstered Masonry

Our range of bolstered products are specially crafted to allow each unit its own unique character (no one block looks alike).


DSM can general deliver products within two weeks from time of order

An added advantage of our high tech curing chambers.